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Test Code Test Name Also Known As
bc57f4f5-88f7-4ebf-9526-ad1538c37240 ZIKAV Zika Virus
a68cf8f1-a5e5-4b9a-b1c7-410df97d82c9 ZPP Zinc Protoporphyrin (ZPP), Whole Blood Porphyrins, Whole Blood, ZPP, ZPP, Whole Blood
b380c76c-0c5d-415f-959d-83bfd55004c1 ZNWB Zinc Quantitative, Whole Blood Zinc Quant WB, Zn
f1b41e12-3ba8-4e08-9b9b-b544779d5afd ZNT8AB Zinc Trans. 8 Ab
5dedb573-84f2-4f66-8aa7-43dbdf322d8b ZN Zinc, Serum/Plasma ZN, Zn, Serum
ec4f7889-5fbf-499a-9ed4-dd4084ec3ce4 U24ZN Zinc, Urine 24 hour Zinc, Urine 24Hr or Random, ZN24
25bde22d-6d17-43e9-8f3e-467f551c4e9c UZOL Zolpidem Screen, Medical, Urine Ambien, Urine, Ur Drug Sc, Ur Drug Screen, Urine Ambien Screen, Urine Zolpidem Screen, Zolpidem, Urine
62da7301-d389-41fe-b0c4-e364da226192 MZOL Zolpidem, Quantitative in Urine by LC-MS/MS (Replaces UZOLQL), Ambien, Confirmation, Definitive, LCMSMS, Mass Spectrometry, Z-drug, Zolpidem metabolite, Zolpidem Phenyl-4 Carboxylic Acid
d1275e42-4ade-4f9e-804a-e67514ba0b71 ZONI Zonisamide (Zonegran) Excegran, Zonegran