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Test Code Test Name Also Known As
0e945b82-30ce-48d4-9d68-17bfa0ad25c2 OISEQ COL1A1/COL1A2 Genomic Seq for Osteogenesis Imperfecta OI
bbcb869e-e043-4889-81e6-1f33ffcfdcfd SATMNA O2 Sat Meas
a162a3cf-a5a7-42a4-b88d-7f798b771471 SATMNC O2 Sat Meas
338dc25a-0399-4f4f-be10-8879d2ed0df5 SATMNV O2 Sat Meas
0caf0188-b979-44f1-b56a-9de1e98ef025 SATM O2 Saturation Measured O2 Sat, pO2 Measured Saturation
6e5088a0-5ed7-407a-904c-491e41af037e OBP Obstetric Panel Obstetrics Panel, with Blood Bank Prenatal Workup
5cc739c1-94a2-4bda-857e-4080d1ff17cd OCBLDM Occult Bld, CancerScr Guaiac Smear Test, Series, Occult Blood, Screen Series, Stool Guaiac
85ce014c-97be-4853-adef-7529f9a72b62 OCBLD Occult Blood (performed for other than colorectal neoplasm screening) Fecal Occult Blood, FOBT, gFOBT, Guaiac Smear Test, Hemoccult, Occult Blood, RBC Fecal, Stool GUIAC
27712f31-4676-41d4-8be4-abd4a429a1c3 GASTOC Occult Blood, Emesis Gastric Fluid ph , Gastrocult, Occult Blood, Gastric
81ceef4c-4fb8-453f-a91c-711401469291 OPMD Oculopharyngeal Muscular Dystrophy OPMD
cc6cf444-eaa6-45c2-be05-ba24a253192e OLANZ Olanzapine Symbyax, Zyprexa
075f2698-e2a2-41de-8733-bd6cad0dc3c3 SFOLIG Oligoclonal Banding, CSF Multiple Sclerosis Panel without Myelin Basic Protein, OLIG, Oligoclonal Band
109991e9-457f-4e81-aa10-78fe6906ed59 OMNIGR OmniGraf
b74a8d3c-2214-497a-8ec1-4958567df6b9 UOPIT Opiates Screen, Urine 6-acetylmorphine, Urine, 6-AM, Urine, Anexsia, Urine, Avinza, Urine, Codeine, Urine, Combunox, Urine, Depalgos, Urine, DepoDur, Urine, Diacetylmorphine, Urine, Diamorphine, Urine, Dicodid, Urine, Dihydrocodeine, Urine, Dihydromorphinone, Urine, Dilaudid, Urine, Dimorphone, Urine, Drocode, Urine, Duodin, Urine, Duramorph, Urine, Endocet, Urine, Exalgo, Urine, Heroin, Urine, Histinex, Urine, Hycet, Urine, Hycodan, Urine, Hycomine, Urine, Hycotuss, Urine, Hydrococet, Urine, Hydrocodone, Lortab, and Vicodin, Urine, Hydrocodone, Urine, Hydromet, Urine, Hydromorphone Urine, Hydrovo, Urine, Kadian, Urine, Kolikodol, Urine, Laudicon, Urine, Lorcet, Urine, Lortab, Urine, Mercodinone, Urine, Methylmorphine, Urine, Morphine, Urine, MS Contin, Urine, MS-Contin, Urine, Norco, Urine, Novahistex, Urine, Numorphan, Urine, Numorphone, Urine, Opana (oxymorphone), Urine, Opiates, Urine, Opium, Urine, Oramorph, Urine, Orthoxycol, Urine, Oxycodone and OxyContin, Urine, OxyContin, Urine, Oxymorphone, Urine, Palladone, Urine, Paracodeine, Urine, Paragoric, Urine, Parzone, Urine, Percocet, Urine, Percodan, Urine, Roxanol, Urine, Roxicet, Urine, Roxicodone, Urine, Roxiprin, Urine, Symtan, Urine, Synkonin, Urine, Targin, Urine, Tussionex, Urine, Tylox, Urine, Vicodin, Urine, Vicoprofen, Urine, Zydone, Urine
945e26fa-c7a0-4e76-b1d8-eb2c544c2a95 MXOPIT Opiates, Medical Confirmation, HPLC-MS/MS, Urine (Replaces MXCOMO), Opiates,Medical Conf.
f377e300-cdbd-4989-8caa-1681605b89de UORGAC Organic Acids, Urine 5-oxoproline, Urine, Succinylacetone
d7aab8fc-4cb4-4a27-9bc7-af42aab27f80 FOSMO Osmolality, Fecal Osmolality, Fecal
7498f1d8-f75e-41aa-b6b7-276821dede67 OSMO Osmolality, Serum Osmolal Gap, Osmotic Gap
1c3653a3-828a-4d31-b625-b9b9c457fa24 UOSMO Osmolality, Urine Osmolal Gap, Osmolality, Urine, Osmotic Gap
4fe299ce-5623-4804-84de-fa0a4dd5bef8 OSMFRG Osmotic Fragility Incubated RBC Fragility, Incubated RBC Osmotic Fragility, OSMFRA, RBC Osmotic Fragility, RBCO, Spherocytic Hemolytic Disease
7c8d2e4a-de3d-4976-8977-d7e7bc74277e OSTEOC Osteocalcin (Bone gla Protein) by ECIA Osteocalcin (Bone GLA Protein), Osteocalcin by Electrochemiluminescent Immunoassay
a6722176-4b61-41dc-b508-51397506eaad OP Ova and Parasite,Stool (Microscopic Exam)
660b5bda-715c-453e-8c80-7b998672f078 OVADFE Ova Donor Profile Female Ova Donor Profile Female
23f39460-500f-458e-b88b-95456ac5d464 OVADMA Ova Donor Profile Male Ova Donor Profile Male, Viral Serology Immunoassay Client Panel for Males
17352572-e5ff-4888-9327-629536dc9e04 U24OX Oxalate, Urine 24 hour , Hyperoxaluria, OX24
ea607367-a43b-4db7-9100-c651f8975ee9 OXCRBM Oxcarbazepine or Eslicarbazepine Metabolite (MHD) (Replaces OXCARB), 10-OH-Carbazepine (MHD), 11-Dihydrocarbamazepine, Aptiom, Exalief, GP 47680, Monohydroxy Carbamazepine (MHD), Monohydroxy Metabolites, Oxcarb or Eslic Mtb, Oxcarbazepine metabolite - 10-Hydroxy-10, Oxtellar, Trileptal, Trileptal (Parent Pro-Drug), Zebinix
ca8ee958-c2cf-47a3-98f2-58657cc8dcb4 UOXYC Oxycodone Screen, Medical, Urine