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Test Code Test Name Also Known As
eb622b15-37c2-4ad0-8d95-3d6cf3fe734d KETBHB Beta Hydroxybutyrate (replaces KETONE), BHB, Blood Ketones, Ketone B-Hydroxybutyrate, Ketone Bodies, Serum Ketone
85574214-29c7-40de-a96c-0282dfba814d KOH Fungus Smear, KOH with Calcofluor White
0f0ff68e-63d9-4b0c-b324-5532e3e1eab9 KIDNEY EM Histology Kidney Biopsy, Electron Microscopy Biopsy, Kidney for Electron Microscopy, Biopsy, Renal for Electron Microscopy, Electron Microscopy-Kidney, EM-Kidney, IF, Kidney, Kidney Biopsy for Electron Microscopy, Kidney Biopsy, Electron Microscopy, Renal biopsy, Electron Microscopy
372cbff4-d0aa-4f79-b391-5a4146b4316c KIDNEY IF Histology Kidney Biopsy, Immunofluorescence Biopsy, Kidney for Immunofluorescence, Biopsy, Renal for Immunofluorescence, Immunofluorescence, Kidney, Kidney Biopsy for Immunofluorescence, Kidney Biopsy, Immunofluorescence, Renal Biopsy for Electron Microscopy, Renal Biopsy for Immunofluorescence, Renal Biopsy, Immunofluorescence
5852874a-71e8-4534-b9f1-388218eeb31d KIDNEY BX Histology Kidney Biopsy, Light Microscopy Biopsy, Kidney Light Microscopy, Biopsy, Renal Light Microscopy, Kidney Biopsy for Light Microscopy, Kidney Biopsy, Light Microscopy, Light Microscopy for Kidney Biopsy, Light Microscopy for Renal Biopsy, Renal Biopsy Light Microscopy, Renal biopsy, Light Microscopy
31b26ba5-0e30-48a5-a523-fa5545c433ff KPLM Kappa Lambda Quantitative Free Light Chains with Ratio FLC, Free Kappa Lambda with Ratio, Free Light Chains, Quantitative, Freelite, Kappa Free Light Chains, Quantitative, Kappa:Lambda Free Light Chains Ratio, Quantitative, Kappa:Lambda Free Light Chains, Quantitative, KPLM free Light Chains with Ratio, Lambda Free Light Chains, Quantitative, sFLC
d9d79f70-1481-416c-8f29-aba1877d1a8a KEPPRA Keppra (Levetiracetam) Levetiracetam
4979e457-7580-4a06-897f-0f48351fa214 UKET Ketones, Urine Acetoacetate, Acetoacetic Acid, Acetone, Beta-hydroxybutyrate, Beta-hydroxybutyric Acid, Ketone Bodies, UKET, Urine Ketones
d2fd9d68-0eed-4b79-a874-ed0404c46882 U24KS Ketosteroids (17-Ketosteroids), Urine 24 hour 17KS, U24PGT, Urine Pregnanetriol
8f698981-2f99-4fc1-8775-860f33d5c660 MDKITA KIT Mutation Analysis for AML (Exon 17) by NGS Acute Myeloid Leukemia , AML, c-KIT, D816V, EXON 17 codons 816-825, KIT EXON 17
d43d2348-7754-467d-ac00-2b44566b81b2 MDKITG KIT Mutation Analysis for Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumor (GIST) c-KIT, D816V, KIT EXON 11, KIT EXON 13, KIT EXON 17, KIT EXON 9, KIT Mutation Analysis for Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumor (GIST) (Exons 9, 11, 13, and 17)
6aa138b5-3ba6-49c1-82a8-4ae6536e29cc MDKIMA Kit Mutation Analysis for Mast c-KIT, D816V, EXON 17 codons 816-825, KIT EXON 17 , KIT Mutation Analysis for Mastocytosis (Mast Cell Disease) (Exon 17) by NGS, Myeloproliferative Neoplasms
87021c45-a3e7-4806-8865-333068c81e55 MDKIME KIT Mutation Analysis for Melanoma (Exons 11, 13, and 17) c-KIT, D816V, KIT EXON 11, KIT EXON 13, KIT EXON 17
0334b0d8-af0e-45de-a01d-45225f6e2f70 KITTRK Kit Track
7ecf252e-1d6e-432d-9686-fe50961a114a KLEI Kleihauer Betke Stain Fetal Hemoglobin, Semi-Quantitative , KLEI, Kleihauer Betke Stain, Kleihauer-Betke Stain for Fetal Hemoglobin
13594f6b-f78b-4abd-9cf8-07cb95249640 MDKRAS KRAS Mutation Detection Colon Cancer, Extended KRAS , K-ras Mutation Detection, KRAS, KRAS Mutation Detection
9fa4b014-fc35-4c23-bdc7-e77c4f428196 KTV KTV, BUN Pre-treatment and Post-treatment Blood Urea Nitrogen, Pre-treatment and Post-Treatment, Kt/V Effective, URR%
7ca3b12b-99b5-45f6-847e-5765ce49e5f8 K Potassium K