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Test Code Test Name Also Known As
a9b93d87-e2c5-427c-9d49-553e257982cb CSFTAU 14-3-3 Protein Tau, Total, CSF CJD, Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease, Human Prion Disease, RT QuIC
db41d7f3-6333-41ff-80c0-47946c5ecf1b CWND Aerobic Culture, Swab
9b7f9dd4-9709-473a-855c-535b7816994e CID Aerobic Organism Identification
095d502b-59a6-4ece-8a33-3b96666a965b CIDSEN Aerobic Organism Identification and Susceptibility
f5026924-0081-4007-afbb-716d110486c8 CWDANA Aerobic/Anaerobic Culture, Swab
f9f93e2b-7d29-4acd-99cb-8e062713bb74 CAFB AFB (Acid Fast Bacilli) Culture MTB, TB, Tuberculosis
0928f4d1-da97-422f-b6d1-b0a104a87bed C1QIGG Anti-C1q Antibody, IgG C1q IgG Ab
934d891f-33d2-4105-9677-421c5ec99ca5 CBLAF Blood Culture, AFB (Acid Fast Bacilli) & Fungus
77f7b9e2-97db-4d03-a1af-93ba713996f0 CBLD Blood Culture, Bacteria and Yeast
381a422a-c265-41d8-a555-7861ce445d7a CBLDR Blood Culture, Bacteria and Yeast - 2nd Set Blood Cult,Bact/Yst 2nd Set, Blood Culture, Bacteria and Yeast - Repeat
b92cea23-2308-4e3f-8646-8a882452da8f CFLD Body Fluid Culture
800ea175-b05d-4b93-90b6-ab595d3e66b6 CFLBB Body Fluid Culture, in Blood Culture Bottle
794032c1-f10c-4917-985b-c1b47561f74d CBRON Bronchial Wash Culture
111dff0a-1b67-4a81-89b3-3bbf71d2e4ea CBRONQ Bronchial Wash Culture, Quantitative
d84c6903-dde0-4c79-b259-fd4ed1c96575 C1INH C-1-Esterase Inhibitor Panel C-1-Esterase Inhibitor Panel, C1 Esterase Inhibitor Panel
53c8f6e4-1087-4a26-a88b-7c7395497c49 CPEPT C-Peptide, Serum C Peptide
867ff1ad-5b65-4510-91d6-20847d5db202 CTELO C-Telopeptide,Beta-Cross Linked Beta-Cross Laps, Collagen C Telopeptide, CTx, C-Telopeptide, Beta-Cross Linked
f0cf1f0e-51cc-49e2-be5f-4330ce42908c NEPHC3 C3 Nephritic Factor Activity C3 Nephritic Factor Activity
ae8ec5fc-a8b2-48a3-96cb-e152a657e6a6 WBCD Cadmium, Blood Cadmium, Blood, Cd, Blood, CDWB
19d1cc2d-1ba0-4c9c-a9e5-857a63af0467 U24CD Cadmium, Urine 24 hour Cadmium, Urine, CD24
0fba6ee1-a950-4b7e-914d-5c476e53cd5a CAH4 CAH (Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia) Pediatric Profile 4 CAH Pediatric Profile 4
45f2eebe-2def-4b99-8992-4885587a1244 CAH1 CAH (Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia) Profile 1 CAH Pediatric Profile 1
ed401b8a-708d-4f4f-a50a-0103104e3739 CAH2 CAH Profile 2 CAH Pediatric Profile 2
bf4ad7b4-e392-4742-b480-e13e41ce3848 CAH5 CAH Profile 5
a2d53e75-775b-47b2-a043-770a7b247149 CALCIT Calcitonin CAL, Human Calcitonin, Thyrocalcitonin
10527697-e212-40e5-adac-7dcc39d050cd CALTRL Calcitriol 1,25-(OH)2-D, 1,25-Dihydroxy Vitamin D, 1,25-Dihydroxycholecalciferol, 1,25-Dihydroxyvitamin D, 1,25-Dihydroxyvitamin D3, Calcitriol, D, 1-25 Dihydroxy, Vitamin, Vit D 1,25
2dd989d1-73bf-4893-b141-ba00aa8eda68 CA Calcium Ca, Total Calcium
6e366e70-ecee-44de-a9ec-3d0552b377ef CCCR Calcium to Creatinine Clearance Ratio, 24 Hours (CCCR)
10c49686-2ae0-48ac-9a92-7e116272e85a CAION Calcium, Ionized CAIO, Ionized CA, Ionized Calcium
aaeeaddc-2390-4e0b-93c0-813036889ba3 U24CA Calcium, Urine 24 hour Ca, Urine 24Hr, Calcium, Urine 24Hr, Ur CA 24Hr, Urine Calcium 24Hr
abe7c8b8-aacd-44ae-b65f-c91c472e4306 UCA Calcium, Urine Random Ca, Urine, Calcium, Urine, Ur CA, Urine Calcium
924953fb-cb39-488d-ae53-6f82ccea60d8 UTCA Calcium, Urine Timed (other than a 24 hour specimen) Ca, Urine, Timed, Calcium, Urine, Timed, Ur CA Timed, Urine Calcium, Timed
58646697-3bc5-4f84-9d50-1eb380c81d13 STONE Calculi (Stone) Analysis Bile Stone, Calculi (Stone) Analysis, Kidney Stone, Renal Stone, Stone (Calculi) Analysis, Urinary Tract Stone
fe7f3358-32e2-4607-a8f9-70bab3670ed1 U24RSK Calculi Risk Assessment, Urine Calculi Rsk AX,Ur, Kidney Stone Risk Panel II, Urine, Renal Stone Risk Panel II
aa1283ee-9469-479d-9b1b-3ed4bd18552e MDCALR Calreticulin (CALR) Mutation Analysis, Myeloproliferative Neoplasm CALR, Calreticulin Mut., exon9, MPN
32a0c911-c2d6-4f9f-8d1d-1f07c76e3769 CJEJAB Campylobacter jejuni Antibody, IgG Campylo jejuni Ab
ba193192-fbb5-42a6-aeb1-c731225b536c C125 Cancer Antigen 125 CA-125, CA125
b65580f8-190c-4b52-a3aa-fd4617104b93 CA153 Cancer Antigen 15-3, Breast
5ace051c-4972-45fc-a1b7-bd778b9043ed CA2729 Cancer Antigen 27-29 Breast Cancer Antigen 27.29, Breast Cancer Tumor Markers , Breast Carcinoma Associated Antigen, Cancer Antigen 27-29 (CA2729), MAM 6, Milk Mucin
bde63501-8999-44d2-a642-b1459fec004b CNDAGM Candida albicans Antibodies IgA, IgG, IgM by ELISA C albicans Antibodies, Candida IgG, IgM, IgA Ab Panel
46148015-739a-4e7d-bc10-068ebc6ade49 CAND Candida Antibodies CAND, Candida, Candida ABY, Candida Precipitins
2db5bceb-487c-4d8d-8356-02d43cf55207 CANDS Candida Skin Test
4f2aa2c1-c4e5-4f09-9270-c6ff549f1882 UTHC Cannabinoid Screen, Urine (THC) (9-carboxy-THC) - Urine, 9-carboxy-THC, Urine, Cannabinoid (9-carboxy-THC), Urine, Cannabinoids, Urine, Cannabis, Urine, Dronabinol, Urine, Drugs of Abuse, Cannabinoids Screen, Marijuana Metabolite, Urine, Marijuana, Urine, Marinol, Urine, THC Screen, THC, Urine
d1980cee-f932-4d2d-961a-8ddd8e552e18 CARB Carbamazepine (Tegretol XR) Carbatrol, Epitol, Equetro, Tegretol, Tegretol XR
23678d6b-535f-4fa2-b497-eb21f2e69ae6 CARBEP Carbamazepine Epoxide and Total Carbamazepine (Carbatrol, Tegretol), Carbamazepine Epoxide, Carbamazepine Metabolite, Carbamazepine-10, 11-Epoxide, Carbatrol, Epoxide 10, 1, Soft-C1011, Tegretol, Total Carbamazepine
84ddbfdd-89d2-4168-aef3-f220de203f33 CARBF Carbamazepine, Free and Total Atretol, Biston, Calepsin, Carbatrol, Epimaz, Epitol, Epitrol, Equetro, Finlepsin, Sirtal, Tegretol, Telesmin
08acb01c-b106-4802-93fe-9f999dd2d455 CAG199 Carbohydrate Antigen 19-9 (CA 19-9), Serum ancer antigen-GI, CA-GI, CA199, CAG199, Cancer Antigen 19-9, Carbohydrate Antigen 19-9
5b3195b7-ff1f-4831-b336-f32ea54084c5 CDTAL Carbohydrate Deficient Transferrin for Alcohol Use CDT for Alcohol use, Transferrin for Alcohol Use
05943682-cc89-4fc1-991d-f673773868a4 CDTCDG Carbohydrate Deficient Transferrin for Congenital Disorders of Glycosylation Carbohydrate Deficient Glycoprotein Syndrome (Carbohydrate Deficient Transferrin for Congenital Disorders of Glycosylation), CDG (Carbohydrate Deficient Transferrin for Congenital Disorders of Glycosylation), Transferrin Isoforms (Carbohydrate Deficient Transferrin for Congenital Disorders of Glycosylation)
e1ac2951-2d5e-4abb-a596-ca0cdea6f251 CO2 Carbon Dioxide Biocarbonate, Carbon Dioxide, TCO2
f7d4723f-6a8e-458b-8b8e-1ed59372d1b8 PCO Carbon Monoxide Carbon Monoxide, PHS and Commercial Only , Carboxyhemoglobin, CO Blood Test
011c44b5-465a-4467-ae78-d60c54e49d16 CEA Carcinoembryonic Antigen
61477380-e7aa-49eb-957a-0cf228650cf7 FLCEA Carcinoembryonic Antigen, Fluid
391022b2-4a30-485d-80c6-9977ce1dd33f CLAB Cardiolipin Antibody Panel aCL antibody, Anticardiolipin Antibodies, Cardiolipin Antibodies (IgG, IgM, and IgA), CLAB
1163fd22-b1e7-4c69-a977-6437229b7662 USOMAQ Carisoprodol and Metabolite, Urine Soma QN, Urine
88358779-2cee-4435-9fde-bcedca02aac8 CARN Carnitine, Free & Total CARN, Carnitine Free and Total, L-carnitine Free & Total
daf6f1ce-db9d-42d0-a0fb-286b4dc6aace UCARN Carnitine, Free and Total, Urine L-Carnitine, Urine, Urinary Carnitine, Quantitative, Urine Carnitine
f86f65de-1ff0-48a7-9cf4-bf585ebc3319 CARO Carotene,Total, Serum Carotene, Total
a69e028f-383c-4f30-8396-50cb3c49e694 U24CAT Catecholamines, Free, Fractionated, Urine 24 hour Adrenaline, Catecholamines Fractionated, Urine Free, (Dopamine, Epinephrine, Norepinephrine), Dopamine, Epinephrine, Fractionation, Urinary Free Catecholamines, Free Catecholamine Fractionation, Noradrenaline
a68fbcb1-f1b6-43e1-8626-2d9b416dc6e8 PCAT Catecholamines, Plasma Adrenalin, Noradrenaline, Plasma Catecholamines, Catecholamine Fractionation, Catecholamines, Catecholamines,Fractionated (Dopamine, Epinephrine, Norepinephrine), Dopamine, Epinephrine, Norepinephrine
95647034-e082-4d09-8939-96289a8ea4c7 CTIP Catheter Tip Culture, Semiquantitative
c2136f9b-d931-4a0a-9da7-b30b50f92abd CBCD CBC (Complete Blood Count) with Differential CBC with Diff , CBCDIF, Complete Blood Count (CBC) With Differential
a1085965-748e-48e6-b3b8-28b3a45850d4 CBC CBC (Complete Blood Count) without Differential CBCND, Complete Blood Count, Hemogram, Hemogram + Platelet
ed17c853-2dd3-448a-b507-9e24f58021e8 PBSM CBC (Complete Blood Count), Pathologist Slide Review Consult Smear, Hematopathology Consultation, Peripheral Smear, Pathologist Review, Pathology Consult, PBSM, Peripheral Blood Smear (PBSM), Peripheral Blood Smear Review, Peripheral Smear
15ac2466-9832-41c8-9c6b-0997d715fe8a CBCANC CBC with ANC
dcea8080-6e9b-4336-b1e8-1612426beb1f MRDCBF CBFB-MYH11 Det MRD
b8957532-5478-421a-b534-f9c43ccff231 CCMKRT CCM Tier 1 CCM1/KRIT1, Cerebral Cavernous Malformation (CCM)
1c3b2d33-73cb-4aa7-8f8e-e386c3b2ec5b CD19 CD19 B-lymphocyte antigen, Flow
1c559108-29aa-4b1a-a07f-39d5e41fb7c4 CD20 CD20 B-lymphocyte Antigen, Flow
c0008830-0463-4fe0-875c-d3b1ca209bc6 CD3PTX CD3 Post Transplant Post transplant OKT3 monitoring
48cf330d-62d3-4c5a-8445-32ba72f3cd99 CD348 CD3, CD4 & CD8 4:8 ratio, CD3+,CD4+,CD8+, CD3+4+ plus CD3+8+, Flow, Helper + Suppressor T cells, Helper/Suppressor ratio, T Cell Subsets
c75d917e-f869-4798-90cc-2b24fdcd4618 FUBLAS CD33+/34+ BLAST CNT Flow CD33+CD34+ Blast Count Panel
30ce2ecd-8af7-47d2-9dbc-9ec6154e3307 CD4 CD4 CD3+4+, Flow, Helper T cells, T helper cells, T-lymphocyte marker CD4
4b765099-1ed8-44ff-879e-22b1c3b8998f LYCD57 CD57 For Chronic Lyme Disease (LYCD57)
3f4c9d36-8582-420f-adcb-5445c80cb5aa MDCEBP CEBPA Mutation Detection, PCR Acute Myelogenous Leukemia , AML , CCAAT enhancer-binding protein alpha , CEBPA , CN-AML
0e671b4d-5ef1-4639-9be8-bcf128e3e60d CELIAC Celiac Disease Panel with Reflex Celiac, Celiac Disease Panel, Celiac Disease Reflexive Panel, Celiac Sprue, Gluten Sensitivity Panel, GLUTPR, Sprue, Tissue Transglutaminase (tTG) IgA
1d2be3a5-b1ea-4657-8a06-0ae1497929e4 FLJPKG Cell Count with Differential & Crystals, Synovial/Joint Fluid Cell Count, Synovial Fluid With Crystals, FLCC+FLCRYS, Fluid Uric Acid Crystals, JFLP, Joint Fluid Analysis, Joint Fluid Package, Synovial Fluid Analysis , Synovial Fluid Cell Count & Crystals
41d8536d-7785-463e-b6f6-2833d8da8525 FLCC Cell Count, Body Fluid Body Fluid Cell Count, Cell Count, Body Fluid, Cell Count, Fluid, FLCC
c6c53ff3-205e-4d79-a485-38bca3ec0871 SFCC Cell Count, CSF Cell Count, Cerebrospinal Fluid, Cell Count, CSF, Cerebrospinal Fluid Cell Count, CSF Analysis, CSF Cell count, CSF count, Lumbar Puncture, SFCT, Spinal Fluid Analysis, Spinal Fluid Cell Count
ef217ce3-292e-4e09-82fb-f65ee8fed368 SFLCS Cell Count, Leukemic Cell Screen CSF Leukemic Cell Screen, Malignant Cell Screen
b13858ab-05d8-467c-bc27-e1608e3de7f5 CENTAB Centromere B Antibodies ACA, Anti-centromere Antibody, Centromere Antibody, Centromere B
289fce9a-eda2-40da-afb8-de3c6fe3d846 CERU Ceruloplasmin
b952561d-dcad-48f1-b857-3b843c31da02 CMT1A Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease type 1A, FISH Analysis Autosomal Dominant With Focally Folded Myelin She , Charcot Marie Tooth Neuropathy type 1A, By Fish, Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disease, HMSN1A Hereditary Motor and Sensory Neuropathy IA , PMP22 Peripheral myelin protein 22
c49a5eb1-d54f-49a2-bd8f-250a4b548a46 CHIKGM Chikungunya Antibodies, IgG and IgM Chikungunya IgG/IgM
53c32df2-0cef-4fbc-97c5-7d05a7a4a0d8 EPILCO Childhood-Onset Epilepsy Panel Childhood-Onset Epilepsy Panel, Sequencing and Deletion/Duplication, 50 Genes, Epilepsy Pnl,Child
28a04b09-1295-423b-936d-1b4da8884ffe CHLPR Chlamydia Antibody Panel,IgG IgM by IFA Chlamydia Ab Panel, Chlamydia Differentiation Antibody Panel, Chlamydia Species Differentiation Antibody Panel, CHLSER
cb013359-19ae-44b8-8836-bec182132589 STDAMP Chlamydia trachomatis & Neisseria gonorrhoeae by Nucleic Acid Amplification Chlamydia/GC by Nucleic Acid Amplification, Neisseria Gonorrhoeae by Nucleic Acid Amplification, STDAMP
5f91efe5-fca7-4df9-9f11-d5d23ec323c6 CL Chloride CL
8cb3c1f0-3f14-42e4-8f3d-d47e2b76eb98 U24CL Chloride, Urine 24 hour Chloride, Urine 24Hr, Cl, Urine 24Hr, Ur CL 24Hr, Urine Chloride 24Hr, Urine Cl 24Hr
ff7bf00e-3c6d-4484-9ac5-d3798fd320ca UCL Chloride, Urine Random Chloride, Urine, Cl, Urine, Ur CL, Urine Chloride, Urine Cl, Urine Electrolytes
cacf2bac-b02c-4085-b6ee-c6258d7211a6 CHLPRO Chlorpromazine, Serum or Plasma Largactil, Ormazine, Thorazine, Thorazine Spansule
ff0f9aee-44d5-4b99-9980-76bc21f7aab0 CHOL Cholesterol Blood cholesterol, Chol, Total cholesterol
afa36e9f-2094-4af0-807d-c442460b6845 FLCHOL Cholesterol, Fluid Body Fluid Cholesterol, Fluid Cholesterol
f8d59b1a-438a-482f-aeb2-5f0d2e161260 RBCCHO Cholinesterase, RBC / Hemoglobin ratio CHERBC, Cholinesterase, RBC/Hb Ratio
26a2b070-df95-4a79-a8c9-6b092ceb1fc7 CHROG Chromatin Antibody, IgG
f16f6c19-679c-4f39-aff5-a6dc468fc876 CRS Chromium, Serum Chromium, Serum, Cr, Blood
df8f9335-665f-41f9-bad3-6bbb774ab4ce U24CHR Chromium, Urine 24 hour CHRO24, Cr, Urine
b1efaeae-e840-494b-a6e1-47cb21a14b10 CHROMG Chromogranin A,SER
0d5c7b79-3d55-49db-bf98-bc41316fec8c CHRANA Chromosome Analysis Karotype Analysis, Karyotype
bc4088ba-bb8f-425a-995f-e50da5aa5e0b CHRAHM Chromosome Analysis Hematologic Malignancy , Bone marrow chromosomes, Chromosomal analysis, Chromosome analysis 20 cells, Karyotype Analysis, Tissue Cult. BM or BLD
02f29473-535b-46d4-9487-778d1b02e18a CHRAAF Chromosome Analysis, Amniotic Fluid CG Amniotic Fluid, Karotype Analysis
1ed479fd-a806-4cd2-b3e3-d5e4f8a9dde4 CHRHRS Chromosome Analysis, Blood Stimulated High Resolution CG Blood HiRes, Karotype Analysis, Karyotype
3468c10d-367a-4b27-958b-0892a673298a CHRBST Chromosome Analysis, Blood, Stimulated CG Blood Stim, Karotype Analysis
dbaa90e6-749a-49fb-b4ea-8ce7babd032b CHRCVS Chromosome Analysis, Chorionic Villus CG CVS Sample, Karotype Analysis, Karyotype
1848a677-c309-4fab-93ec-fe8b73957786 CHRALN Chromosome Analysis, Lymph Node Tissue Chromosome analysis 20 cells, Hematologic malignancy, Karyotype analysis, Tissue Cult. BM or BLD
e2d26a5b-d542-4d0f-9bdd-7ab91a4169d2 CHRPOC Chromosome Analysis, Skin/Solid Tissue CG Solid Tissue, Karotype Analysis, Karyotype
c7a75253-03bd-4c06-b447-c60ba50b47f7 CHRAST Chromosome Analysis, Solid Tumor CG Solid Tumor, Chromosome analysis 20 cells, Karotype Analysis, Tissue Cult. Solid Tumor
e377dde6-c1a2-4823-92a9-6032f80286d4 YCHROM Chromosome Analysis, Y Chromosome Microdeletion Y Chromosome Microdeletion Analysis
9356f7c1-7016-4a95-8478-01af32ff663e CUIDX Chronic Urticaria Index Anti-IgE Receptor Antibody, CD203c upregulation, Functional Anti-FcER, Histamine, Urticaria-Inducing Activity
6ac4cf0b-c3e3-4666-94f3-b20087ce743a CICP Circ Immune Cmplx Pl C1q binding Immune Complexes, C1q binding; CIC, C3 fragment containing immune complexes, CIC-Raji Cell Replacement assay, Circulating Immune Complex Panel
c32412ba-855d-4780-9743-7c743c17e464 C1Q Circulating Immune Complex, C1q Binding C1Q Binding Assay Immune Complex, Circulating Immune Complex Detection by C1q Binding EIA method, Immune Complex Assay (C1Q)
3f16e6ce-8819-4119-8724-a1ae49e7b10d CITALO Citalopram Celexa®, Cipramil®, Escitalopram
2156921b-1e23-4566-a4d6-6702e33812d9 U24CIT Citrate, Urine 24 hour Citrate, Urine, CIT24, Citric Acid, Urine 24Hr or Random
7565d74e-ae65-4832-b59b-2beebb897e7e CKMB CKMB (Creatine Kinase, MB)
0c6ff7f7-0801-4af2-aada-bbdab028913e MDCLL CLL Mutation Analysis Panel Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia , CLL , IgHV , Immunoglobulin (Ig) Heavy Chain Variable Region , NGS , Prognostic Test , Sequencing , SLL , Somatic Hypermutation in B-Cell Lymphoma , TP53
e801e1d5-e272-46f0-9782-01cf356e41e2 CLOMET Clobazam and Metab. Onfi, Sympazan
b5e278a8-6e20-4181-ab34-419a30fa34b8 CLOBAZ Clobazam Quantitative, Serum or Plasma Frisium, Urbanyl
7bb28ce8-687e-44e5-b793-24803c1ecfbb CLOM Clomipramine and Metabolite, Serum or Plasma Anafranil, Desmethylclomipramine, Norclomipramine
27de33be-110b-42b6-bce4-c1187cb6d7ea CLON Clonazepam (Clonopin) Klonopin, Rivotril
9e8aa33a-a466-4d04-9899-cc07aeb4d499 FCDIFF Clostridium difficile by PCR C. diff PCR, C. difficile by PCR
3650b839-75ed-4cf5-b047-5165850b228a CLZMET Clozapine and Metabolites,Quantitative Clopine, Clozaril, Denzapine, FazaClo, Versacloz, Zaponex
77bf98ee-a5e5-4d82-bf57-eef1e1646781 CMP CMP (Comprehensive Metabolic Panel) C12 , Chem 12, Chem 20, Chemistry panel, Chemistry screen, CMP, Comprehensive Metabolic Panel, SMA 12, SMA 20, SMAC
c9e2c7f5-3561-491d-8395-db6cb4b54fa7 CMVG CMV (Cytomegalovirus) Antibodies, IgG CMV Antibodies, IgG, CMV IGG, CMVG, Cytomegalovirus Antibody, IgG, Cytomegalovirus IGG
b10509ed-ecc9-489f-9d68-12face5993b1 CMVGM CMV (Cytomegalovirus) Antibodies, IgG & IgM CMV Antibodies, IgG & IgM, CMVGM, Cytomegalovirus Antibodies, IgG & IgM, Cytomegalovirus IgG and IgM
ebb47c4b-efa5-4142-aa9a-94da072b6519 CMVM CMV (Cytomegalovirus) Antibodies, IgM CMV Antibody, IgM, CMV IGM, CMVM, Cytomegalovirus Antibody, IgM, Cytomegalvirus IGM
42aacc3d-f993-4ba5-89d9-d028ed910aed CMVPCR CMV (Cytomegalovirus) Quantitative, PCR CMV by DNA PCR, CMV Quantitation, Real Time PCR, Cytomegalovirus by DNA PCR, Cytomegalovirus Quantitation
4c4e8c36-a101-483a-8873-c06385a15b25 CMVAVI CMV IgG Ab, Avidity
03dc443a-ea6f-4952-9151-09d412ee493a CDS1 CNS Demyelinating Ds (AQP4/MOG)
c78f8695-61bc-48a8-8c59-6c357b2a4d9c WBCOBL Cobalt, Whole Blood
461cc076-6033-4c95-a124-a8a05eac2217 UCOCN Cocaine Screen, Urine Benzoylecgonine, Urine, Benzoylmethylecgonine, Urine, Cocaine Metabolite (Benzoylecgonine) Urine, Cocaine Metabolite Screen and Confirmation, Urine, Cocaine Screen, Cocaine, Urine, Crack, Urine
06cf4b8e-0e09-4e6c-b10b-46cd963f15a0 MBE Cocaine, Medical, Urine Benzoylecgonine, Urine, Benzoylmethylecgonine, Urine, Cocain, Cocaine Metabolite (Benzoylecgonine) Urine, Cocaine Metabolite Confirmation, Urine, Drugs of Abuse Confirmation/Quantitation - Cocaine Metabolite (Benzoylecgonine) - Urine
b23626cb-9622-4240-9c5a-912552e1eb32 COCCGM Coccidioides Antibodies IgG and IgM Coccidioides Antibodies IgG and IgM
71826b3e-c4af-4c1a-a29c-07df25d6d420 COCPAN Coccidioides Antibodies Panel, Serum (CF, ID, ELISA) Coccidiodes Antibodies Panel by CF, ID, ELISA, San Joaquin Fever Antibodies CF, IgG, ELISA, Valley Fever
b2ef2073-59bb-481a-96e7-f28a379202fe COCCI Coccidioides Antibodies, TP(IgM), F(IgG) COCC, COCCI, Coccidioides, Coccidioides Antibody, Coccidioides Precipitins, San Joaquin Fever Antibody, Valley Fever
e5a49453-f91d-4f16-8a52-da627dc1a521 Q10 Coenzyme Q10, Total CoQ10, Total Coenzyme Q10
0e945b82-30ce-48d4-9d68-17bfa0ad25c2 OISEQ COL1A1/COL1A2 Genomic Seq for Osteogenesis Imperfecta OI
805bf501-9a11-43ad-a1de-14f44371db10 COLD Cold Agglutinins, Serum CLDA, COLD, Cold Agg, COLD Agglutinins, Cold Hemagglutinin
cbc49458-f3ef-45d9-b242-ed7b2458f8ec CIIAB Collagen Type II Antibodies Type II Collagen Antibody
4fd7e1ac-f2e4-49ea-915d-332467025bf0 MDCOL Colorectal Cancer Mutation Panel (KRAS,NRAS,BRAF,PIK3CA) Colorectal Panel , PIK3CA , BRAF, Colorectal, Colorectal Cancer mutation NGS Panel, KRAS, Next Generation Sequencing, NGS, NRAS
25e31768-b9f1-44eb-bb4d-3cf9ddce7869 AH50 Complement Activity, Alternative Pathway (AH50) Alternative Complement Pathway, Alternative Pathway - Complement, Functional Complement, Hemolytic Complement
6f206d6b-702b-4ab6-b91c-60c69ebb92d7 C3 Complement C3
f170964f-af99-406c-b233-c19aaf5b6c37 C4 Complement C4
dccf9579-608e-44d5-b8e8-5d15f319846e CH50T Complement CH50 CAE, CAE total, CH50, Complement CH100, Total, Total Complement, Total Complement CH100, Total Complement CH50, Total Hemolytic Complement Activity
38181d2a-f688-47c9-b8af-080f27563795 C1QLEV Complement Component 1Q Level C1 esterase inhibitor, C1Q Level, Complement Component C1q , First Component of Complement
fab08361-2903-4110-a24a-da4fe698f9b2 COMC2 Complement Component 2 C2, C2 Complement, Complement C2, Complement Component 2
ceac6c51-3777-46fd-9baa-77a2642c8648 COMP Complement Profile
a51c196a-aafc-469a-8a34-1d3cba854aa3 UAAC Complete UA + Reflex Culture if Pos Complete UA reflex Urine Culture, Complete UA rflx CUR
3beccbdb-0f97-4b76-a915-f6f8316c5bca CULIV Copper, Liver Copper Tissue, CU, Hepatic Copper Concentration, Metals, Tissue, Quantitative Copper, Tissue
306210c9-e245-4a85-9c0f-55a5b93aab4d CU Copper, Serum/Plasma CUS , Cu
c82cbfe2-78f3-46e2-bf67-fb90675c9656 U24CU Copper, Urine Copper, Urine 24Hr or Random, Cu, Urine, CU24, Urine Copper
fd4ebc68-533e-4ed6-82c5-a340073c4e15 CUWB Copper, Whole Blood
146dcd8b-cb34-46cc-9196-f9dad8d49976 BBPCRD Cord Blood Testing Cord blood workup
bb3f1cbe-b5f8-44bd-98c3-fbc98b846f17 CORT Cortisol Compound F, Corticosteroids, Cortisol, Cortisol, Serum, Cortrosyn Stimulation Test, Dexamethasone Suppression, Diurnal Corticoids
27557682-0139-4311-9d68-8645387aba52 COR000 Cortisol 000 Minute ACTH Stimulation Series, Cortisol Series, Endocrine Stimulation Studies
c23d361a-5d48-40de-8da0-9cc51df8085c COR030 Cortisol 030 Minute ACTH Stimulation Series, Cortisol Series, Endocrine Stimulation Studies
886846d7-c97b-4412-883f-87990bf7d73e COR040 Cortisol 040 Minutes ACTH Stimulation Series, Cortisol Series, Endocrine Stimulation Studies
779c0918-bb98-4aac-b50a-a784f617093c COR060 Cortisol 060 Minute ACTH Stimulation Series, Cortisol Series, Endocrine Stimulation Studies
23a4ad75-b0f2-44d6-9353-20f52a061635 COR070 Cortisol 070 Minutes ACTH Stimulation Series, Cortisol Series, Endocrine Stimulation Studies
562f6082-883b-495d-8b38-c1021aab5b5e COR090 Cortisol 090 Minute ACTH Stimulation Series, Cortisol Series, Endocrine Stimulation Studies
0dad62df-0b27-46c6-a81e-ebfaedcab9e6 COR100 Cortisol 100 Minutes ACTH Stimulation Series, Cortisol Series, Endocrine Stimulation Studies
9537eb04-6335-4e73-b83d-e14ff6b9c40b CORBG Cortisol Binding Globulin (CBG) CBG, Corticosteroid-binding Globulin (CBG), Cortisol Binding Globulin (Transcortin), Transcortin (Corticosteroid Binding Globulin (CBG)
6ce7e976-1033-4354-9bb8-81755c7b9cb0 U24COR Cortisol Free, Urine 24 hour COR24, Urinary Free Cortisol
f147cded-99e6-4052-91d5-1962fa1c8fd8 CORTF Cortisol, Free CORTF, Hydrocortisone, Free
1543776f-d9d9-4183-81c4-dffab435af6b CORIVC Cortisol, Inferior Vena Cava
91459110-aac0-4327-9128-74d6ad53ada7 CORLAV Cortisol, Left Adrenal Vein
433b9a85-0fdc-438c-8921-c82c3a93c255 CORSAL Cortisol,Saliva Nighttime Salivary Cortisol, Salivary Cortisol, Salivary Cortisol, MS, Salivary Cushings, Salivary Hydrocortisone
6acd364f-f57a-46db-8327-2113ffcbbb32 COV19G CoV19 2 IgG, Spike Covid Spike, COVID19 IgG Ab, SARS-CoV-2
4a17c8b1-6383-4d2a-9ae4-308daa78514f COVID COVID 19 by PCR Coronavirus
1737a6ec-ebb0-4b4c-a510-e44d80b3cc03 FABRC COVID 19 FLUAB RSV by PCR
c49da267-cd5d-4016-a91d-77b9ad00b00b QFEVAB Coxiella burnetti Antibodies, IgG & IgM with Reflex to Titer Coxiella burnetii (Q-Fever) Antibodies, IgG and IgM, Phase I and II with Reflex to Titer, Coxiella burnetti Antibodies, Coxiella Titer, Febrile Agglutinins, OX-19 (Proteus OX-19 - Weil-Felix), OX-2 (Proteus OX-2 - Weil-Felix), OX-K (Proteus OX-K - Weil-Felix), Proteus (Weil-Felix), Q Fever Phase I IFA, Q Fever Phase II IFA, Rickettsial Antibody, Typhus, Weil-Felix
b994c099-1320-479b-a8e4-99753efb28e4 COXSA9 Coxsackie A Antibody Panel Coxsackie A Antibodies (Serotypes 2, 4, 7, 9, 10 and 16), Serum
2bf40b9e-db03-45a3-9375-53d16c02c7fd COXBAB Coxsackie B (1-6) Antibodies Enterovirus
a92fd958-560a-4e36-92bb-3ad859fc0ecd CKISO CPK (Creatine Kinase), Isoenzymes CK Isoenzymes, CKMB, CKMM, CPK Isoenzymes , Isoenzymes, CK
c6f5b19a-a1db-4188-8c1f-59f04d54ebce CK CPK (Creatine Kinase), Total CPK, Creatine Phosphokinase
3e328560-187e-4b9c-a53d-da5112ccc7fb CDPSP Creatine Disorders Panel, Serum or Plasma AGAT, Creatine Disorder Pnl, Creatine, Plasma, Creatinine, plasma, GAA & Creatine, GAMT, Guanidinoacetic Acid + Creatine, Guanidinoacetic Acid and Creatine, Guanidinoacetic acid, plasma
41b5183a-9052-4d34-8731-a1d83da34d23 CDPUR Creatine Disorders Panel, Urine AGAT, GAA & Creatine, GAMT, Guanidinoacetic Acid + Creatine
107c66d5-38b5-4971-b3d0-eca78378b0a8 CREA Creatinine Cre, Creat
944a33ee-5d3c-46a8-9d28-248f67529667 CRCL Creatinine Clearance Clearance, Creatinine
9d240754-8fed-4e45-8c94-6d8cebef1698 CRGFR Creatinine with GFR Glomerular Filtration Rate
fa712579-7252-4f9c-bc2c-8c03c3183369 FLCR Creatinine, Fluid CREAFL, Creatinine, Body Fluid, Fluid Creatinine
9f9036f6-e129-4e1c-aae0-9e1f6a60a19e U24CR Creatinine, Urine 24 hour Creatinine, Urine 24Hr, Urine Creatinine 24Hr
17c95087-3b9d-4579-aa88-b3e445c5faf2 UCR Creatinine, Urine Random Creatinine, Urine, Urine Creatinine
120f48f6-39e9-43c0-a9d0-debc6e6a3aa5 UTCR Creatinine, Urine Timed (other than 24 hour specimen) Creatinine, Urine, Timed, Urine Creatinine, Timed
e9b229e3-c29f-4634-b3d0-9d3c8d6c2857 CRMWC CRM-5-IgG W BLT,CSF
1c065c64-bf37-4cfa-abec-b7b7f6dd04d9 CRMWS CRMP-5-IgG WB
c816c738-dbf9-4c99-85e5-392a5135cfff CROHNP Crohn Disease Prognostic Panel Chitobioside Carbohydrate Antibody (ACCA), IgA, Glycan Antibodies, IBD Prognostic Panel, Inflammatory Bowel Disease Prognostic Panel, Laminaribioside Carbohydrate Antibody (ALCA), IgG, Saccharomyces cerevisiae Antibody (gASCA), IgG
4e97bda9-4a29-419f-aad5-e9b571aaa28c CRP CRP (C-Reactive Protein)
3a71a911-2f1a-4dc2-8e5b-d160e9aef293 HSCRP CRP (C-Reactive Protein), High Sensitivity C-Reactive Protein, Cardiac
1a901014-2b63-44f3-b436-802d65b159ea CRYFIB Cryofibrinogen
3477effe-ef0d-496c-beb4-e5ea8eea0330 CRYO Cryoglobulin Screen CRYO, Cryocrit, CRYOG, Cryoglobulins, Cryoprotein
3ee9ac6a-c70a-4903-9990-c3c0ebd95ceb CRYPTC Cryptococcal Antigen Detection, CSF
c267c965-1461-4504-86a2-d1764ccfa0c8 CRYPTS Cryptococcal Antigen, Serum
29efdcd2-0e30-48cf-9df9-e80b3ede8919 FLCRYS Crystals, Synovial/Joint Fluid Crystals, Synovial/Joint Fluid, FL Crystal, Fluid Calcium Pyrophosphate Dehydrate Crystals , Fluid Uric Acid Crystals, Synovial Fluid Crystals (Only)
85803ece-97c2-48f5-ab23-cd83ee14b36b CCSF CSF (Cerebral Spinal Fluid) Culture
436980ff-9abb-439a-8ffb-26ddd05e4bfc SFPAN CSF Panel
4f6f4fce-e82c-4484-82e9-71f4543d6926 CHLANL CTrachomatis CS C. Trachomatis, Chlamydia Trachomatis
80e3c8f8-4e50-4020-81fe-87ab661f03db ICCUCU Cucumber,Allergen
6724fbd1-4a3b-4b0e-8e03-4d7f377a4197 CIUD Culture IUD
d5769545-13cf-468c-b730-e6b449279072 CYANWB Cyanide,Whole Blood CN, Hydrogen Cyanide, Potassium Cyanide
b404dea9-7c9d-4a5d-bda2-f6c050f6a848 CCP Cyclic Citrullinated Peptide Antibodies, IgG Anti-CCP , Anti-citrulline antibody, Anti-cyclic Citrullinated Peptide Antibody, CCP Antibody IgG, CCPG, CCPIG, CCPIGG, Citrulline Antibody, Cyclic Citrullinated Peptide, Cyclic Citrullinated Peptide Antibody, IgG
e2cb62c4-2ead-493a-a463-ceadd61a54c4 CSA Cyclosporin Anti-rejection drug, CYCL, Cyclosporine A, C2, Cyclosporine A, Whole Blood, Gengraf, Neoral, Restasis, Sandimmune
af21dcb0-2448-43b6-87c8-48eb9f87078e 21HDEF CYP21A2 Gene Deficiency 21-Hydroxylase Enzyme Deficiency via CYP21A2 Gene, 21-OHD, Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia (CAH)
132810f4-50a3-4558-9e8d-3b0b4a93314d 2C82C9 CYP2C8 and CYP2C9 Cytochrome P450 2C8, Cytochrome P450 2C9 Genotype, Mayzent
6cc36009-65b5-446d-8e55-269566b651f0 CYSTC Cystatin C, Serum w/reflex to eGFR
d3be9bd7-fc6d-42ad-8bc4-12cf1cdf032d CFMUT Cystic Fibrosis Mutation CF, CFTR Gene Mutation, CFTR Mutation
b214796a-55b0-475a-af29-ce47fe062291 CYSTS Cysticercosis Antibodies, IgG CYSTG, Cysticercosis Antibody IgG, Taenia solium Antibody IgG by ELISA
a3175383-e6e8-4676-b4a8-441929d3fd16 CYSCSF Cysticercosis Antibodies, IgG, CSF Taenia solium Antibody IgG (CSF) by ELISA
1608ead0-76b0-4b49-88c2-2c1e2e9b2e6a UCYSQT Cystine Quantitative, Urine Cystine, Urine (Random, 24 Hour, or Timed Specimen)
36e18e57-e5ed-4922-bbea-fae1e6274376 CMASNP Cytogenomic SNP Microarray C. SNP Microarray
5527a6a7-84c8-4dbb-a86d-120f26fd1aae CMAFET Cytogenomic SNP Microarray - Fetal Array CGH, Comparative Genomic Hybridization, Microarray Genomic, Fetal, Oligo Array
410fddbb-6e72-43c0-9299-b1fcc4dcdab6 CYTOK Cytokine Panel, Serum
bea31f5e-0de4-416a-ad54-95b72d33fe89 CYTOCSF Cytology Non-Gyn, Cytospin, Cerebrospinal Fluid (CSF) Cerebral Spinal Fluid Cytology, Cerebrospinal Fluid Cytology, CSF Cytology, Cytology CSF, NONGYN, UNONGY
ff5594f8-4a64-44ae-b9f1-6c79a1a2f5ba CYTOWA Cytology Non-Gyn, Monolayer and Cell Block, Abdominal Washings Abdominal Cavity Washings, Abdominal Gutter Washings, Abdominal Opening Cytology, Abdominal Quadrant Washings, Diaphramatic Washings, NONGYN, Peritoneal Washings, UNONGY
096366fd-0779-4cab-a173-4c00591c7193 CYTOWB Cytology Non-Gyn, Monolayer and Cell Block, Bronchial Washings BAL for Cytology, Bronchial Alveolar Lavage, Bronchial Lavage, Bronchoalveolar Lavage, Bronchoscopy Washings, LLL Washings, LUL Washings, Main Bronchus Washing, NONGYN, RLL Washings, RML Washings, RUL Washings, UNONGY
7bc1945e-faad-4715-a607-652202277ff8 CYTOCY Cytology Non-Gyn, Monolayer and Cell Block, Cyst Fluid Abdominal cyst fluid, Adnexal cyst fluid, Breast cyst fluid, Cyst fluid Cytology, Gynecological cyst fluid, Hepatic cyst fluid, Inguinal cyst fluid, Joint cyst fluid, Labial cyst fluid, Liver cyst fluid, Neck cyst fluid, NONGYN, Ovarian cyst fluid, Pancreatic cyst fluid, Pelvic cyst fluid, Renal cyst fluid, Spleen cyst fluid, Submandibular cyst fluid, Thyroid cyst fluid, UNONGY
2a5492b2-0362-40f3-883d-910400f31dfb CYTOBF Cytology Non-Gyn, Monolayer and Cell Block, Miscellaneous Body Fluid Cytology Abcess Fluid, Cytology Ampullary Fluid, Cytology Bile Duct Fluid, Cytology Bone Fluid, Cytology CBD Fluid, Cytology Common Bile Duct Fluid, Cytology Esophageal Fluid, Cytology Eye Fluid, Cytology Gallbladder Fluid, Cytology Hepatic Fluid, Cytology Linguinal Fluid, Cytology Liver Fluid, Cytology Lymph Node Fluid, Cytology Neck Fluid, Cytology Pancreas Fluid, Cytology Parotid Fluid, Cytology Spleen Fluid, Cytology Vitreous Fluid, Cytology Vulvar Fluid, NONGYN, NONGYN, UNONGY, UNONGY
054b28f8-0b7e-4446-a95d-3790e9c63d53 CYTOBR Cytology Non-Gyn, Monolayer and Cell Block, Miscellaneous Brushing Fluid Ampullary Brushing, Bronchial Brushing, CBD Brushing, Common Bile Duct Brushing, Cytology Brushing, Duodenal Brushing, Esophageal Brushing, Gastric Brushing, Kidney Brushing, Lingula Brushing, NONGYN, Pancreatic Brushing, UNONGY, Ureter Brushing
975f0e20-50b4-47f8-abae-a942e8400d52 CYTOOV Cytology Non-Gyn, Monolayer and Cell Block, Ovarian Fluid NONGYN, Ovary Fluid, UNONGY
8e62ae0a-9812-4917-aa71-2a2d69f36038 CYTOWP Cytology Non-Gyn, Monolayer and Cell Block, Pelvic Washings Abdominal Pelvic Washings, Colic Gutter Washings, Diaphramatic Pelvic Washings, Left Colic Gutter Washings, NONGYN, Opening Cytology, Pelvic Gutter Washings, Pelvic Lavage, Right Colic Gutter Washings, Subdiaphram Washings, UNONGY
b265be43-81cc-43a8-bda7-33f4b3ed1cfc CYTOPC Cytology Non-Gyn, Monolayer and Cell Block, Pericardial Fluid Cytology fluid around the heart, NONGYN, UNONGY
cdfc251a-893f-40f7-943e-b122a7a697bc CYTOPE Cytology Non-Gyn, Monolayer and Cell Block, Peritoneal Fluid Abdominal Fluid Non-Gyn, Ascites Non-Gyn, Cytology Abdominal Fluid, Cytology Ascites Fluid, Cytology Paracentesis, Cytology Pelvic Fluid, NONGYN, Paracentesis Non-Gyn, Pelvic Fluid Non-Gyn, Pertonieal Fluid Non-Gyn, UNONGY
d5df25a2-7433-4e0f-82c8-f8c62da1fe1f CYTOPL Cytology Non-Gyn, Monolayer and Cell Block, Pleural Fluid Chest Fluid, Cytology Chest Fluid, Cytology Effusion, Cytology Lung Fluid, Cytology TBNA, Cytology Thoracentesis Fluid, Lung Fluid, NONGYN, Pleural Effusion Fluid, TBNA Fluid, Thoracentesis, UNONGY
b21fca57-9ea4-4220-a65e-983569ee2191 CYTOSP Cytology Non-Gyn, Monolayer and Cell Block, Sputum NONGYN, Sputum Cytology, Sputum Non-Gyn, UNONGY
34bd5c23-3033-45f8-bb44-a0b73f4793dd CYTOSY Cytology Non-Gyn, Monolayer and Cell Block, Synovial Fluid Cytology Joint Fluid, Joint Fluid Cytology, NONGYN, UNONGY
b5325f81-72f9-4d5c-8f54-55fb1d9f1518 CYTOAN Cytology Non-Gyn, Monolayer, Anal Pap Smear Anal Cytology, Anal Pap, Anal Smear, NONGYN, Rectal Cytology, Rectal Pap, Rectal Smear, UNONGY
327724e2-9cbd-4616-94f6-0994b70bca0c CYTOWU Cytology Non-Gyn, Monolayer, Bladder Washings Non Voided Bladder Washings, NONGYN, UNONGY, Ureteral Washings
d4c29829-2ac1-44b1-81e3-d5aff2775ef5 CYTOUR Cytology Non-Gyn, Monolayer, Urine Clean catch Urine Cytology, Cytology Urologic, Non-Gyn Urine, NONGYN, UNONGY, Urine Cytology, Urine Cytology Fluid, Urologic Cytology
50d41db8-d9ce-489d-b1d7-59a1aafd6b84 FNABR Cytology Non-Gyn, Smear(s) Monolayer and Cell Block, Breast FNA Breast Aspiration, Fine Needle Aspiration of the Breast, NONGYN, UNONGY
6c599e80-2abd-49a5-afe4-a6fb68ca2d86 FNALV Cytology Non-Gyn, Smear(s) Monolayer and Cell Block, Liver FNA Fine Needle Aspriaton of the Liver, Liver Aspiration, NONGYN, UNONGY
98db5cfd-9356-42f6-bbf4-cdef8b5dffa4 FNALG Cytology Non-Gyn, Smear(s) Monolayer and Cell Block, Lung FNA EBUS, Endobronchial Ultrasound, Fine Needle Aspriation of the Lung, Lung Aspirate, NONGYN, TBNA, Transbroncial Ultrasound, UNONGY
1345a951-c4a8-4052-8f3d-db69a8bf73f4 FNALN Cytology Non-Gyn, Smear(s) Monolayer and Cell Block, Lymph Node FNA EBUS, Endobroncial Ultrasound, Fine Needle Aspiration of the Lymph Node, Lymph Node Aspirate, NONGYN , TBNA, Transbroncial Ultrasound, UNONGY
2cffb870-67ad-49b0-a042-d7a359e78758 FNADT Cytology Non-Gyn, Smear(s) Monolayer and Cell Block, Miscellaneous Deep Tissue FNA Abdominal Mass FNA, Adrenal FNA, Ampullary FNA, Axcillary Mass FNA, Billiary Stricture FNA, Bronchial FNA, CBD FNA, Celiac Aspiration, Common Bile Duct FNA, Cyst Aspiration , Duodenal Mass FNA, Endoscopic FNA, Esophageal Mass FNA, EUS Guided FNA, Fine Needle Aspiration of Miscellaneous Deep Tissue, Gallbladder FNA, Gastric Wall Mass FNA, Gastroesophageal Juction FNA, Groin Mass FNA, Hilar Mass FNA, Liver FNA, Medistinal Mass FNA, NONGYN, Omentum FNA, Parotid FNA, Pelvic Mass FNA, Peri Gastric Mass FNA, Renal Mass FNA, Retroperitoneal FNA, Subcarinal Mass FNA, Supraclavicular Mass, TouchPrep COre Biopsy FNA, Transtrachial Needle Biopsy FNA, UNONGY
605cc16c-4fd7-4830-a245-79b384c59ccf FNAST Cytology Non-Gyn, Smear(s) Monolayer and Cell Block, Miscellaneous Superficial Tissue FNA Abscess Aspiration, Adominal Wall Mass FNA, Anal Mass FNA, Ankle Aspiration, Arm Mass FNA, Auricular Mass FNA, Back Lesion FNA, Back Mass FNA, Cheek Mass FNA, Chest Wall Mass FNA, Elbow Aspiration, Eye FNA, Fine Needle Aspiration of a Miscellaneous Superficial Tissue, Jaw Mass FNA, Knee Aspiration, Leg Mass FNA, NONGYN, Rectal Mass FNA, Sacral Mass FNA, Scalp Mass FNA, Subcutaneous Mass FNA, Submandibular Mass FNA, Testicular Mass FNA, Tongue Mass FNA, UNONGY, Wrist Aspiration
05caebce-8c8c-404d-a27d-9fc45a3d1184 FNANK Cytology Non-Gyn, Smear(s) Monolayer and Cell Block, Neck FNA Fine Needle Aspiration of the neck, Neck Aspiration, NONGYN, UNONGY
189c9c04-327c-4206-b29e-f29845742c53 FNAPA Cytology Non-Gyn, Smear(s) Monolayer and Cell Block, Pancreas FNA Fine Needle Aspiration of the Pancreas, NONGYN, Pancreas Aspirate, Pancreatic Head FNA, Pancreatic Tail FNA, UNONGY
2f180491-d3ad-4e32-9939-382eb33274aa FNASA Cytology Non-Gyn, Smear(s) Monolayer and Cell Block, Salivary Gland FNA Fine Needle Aspiration of the Salivary Gland, NONGYN, Salivary Gland Aspirate, UNONGY
c73de049-24a8-416d-bb1e-69deb469abd3 FNATH Cytology Non-Gyn, Smear(s) Monolayer and Cell Block, Thyroid FNA Fine Needle Aspiration of the Thyroid, NONGYN, Thyriod Aspiration, UNONGY
0c2189c6-b3d4-4e5c-b5d6-23aadee17204 CYTOMS Cytology Non-Gyn, Smear(s), Miscellaneous Adenoid Smears, Ascites Smears, Bartholin's Gland Smears, Bone Aspirate Smears, Bronchial Smears, Buccal Scrapings, CBD Smears, Corneal Smears, CSF Smear, Esophageal Smears, Labial Smears, Liver Smears, Lymph Node Smears, Nasal Secreation Smears, Neck Smears, NONGYN, Pancreatic Smears, Parotid Smears, Penis Scrapings, Pleural Smears, Skin Scrapings, Tongue Scrapings, Touch Prep of Core, UNONGY
6786e87f-811d-4c08-bbb8-b62a59019a17 CYTOBS Cytology Non-Gyn, Smear(s), Miscellaneous Brushing Billiary Smears, Bronchial Smears, CBD Smears, Common Bile Duct Smears, Esophageal Smears, NONGYN, Pancreatic Smears, UNONGY
01fa4eb5-114a-4856-84cc-444aa6ada4b6 CYTOBN Cytology Non-Gyn, Smear, Nipple Discharge Breast Discharge, Breast Nipple Discharge Cytology, Breast Nipple Secretion Cytology, Breast Nipple Smear, Breast Smear, Cytology Breast Nipple Secretion, NONGYN, Smear Breast Nipple Discharge, UNONGY
88c4cce8-4451-40a8-ac76-497fd851e6bf CYTOTZ Cytology Non-Gyn, Smear, Tzanck (Herpes) Herpes Smear Cytology, NONGYN, Tzanck prep, Tzanck test, Tzank Smear Cytology, UNONGY
1eac61b4-bac6-4b6b-a426-8ede2d802054 CYTOVU Cytology Non-Gyn, Smear, Vulvar NONGYN, UNONGY, Vulva Smear, Vulvar Cytology, Vulvar Slide
859a611e-f467-4902-ac07-859c4206dd8d PAP1 Cytology Pap Smear, 1 Conventional Smear, Gynecological Cervical Smear Cytology, Cytology Conventional PAP, Cytology Pap Smear Conventional , Gynecologic Pap Test, Papanicolaou Smear, PAPFP
aaebc388-3c6a-4a46-95c1-c4aff3122c72 PAP2 Cytology Pap Smear, 2 Conventional Smears, Gynecological Cervical Smear Cytology, Cytology Conventional PAP, Cytology Pap Smear Conventional , Gynecologic Pap Test, Papanicolaou Smear, PAPFP
d7b280a5-53ab-4bfd-af8b-ee800089669d PAPSI Cytology Pap Smear, SurePath with Imaging Data, Gynecological Cytology PAP Smear, Cytology PAP Thin Layer Prep with Computer-assisted Screening, Gynecologic Pap Test Liquid-based Preparation, Liquid Based PAP , PAPFP, SurePath Pap
c66adc6c-817e-49cc-86b7-76b65c5b4e03 PAPSP Cytology Pap Smear, SurePath without Imaging Data, Gynecological Cytology PAP Smear, Cytology PAP Thin Layer Prep, Gynecologic Pap Test Liquid-based Preparation, Liquid Based PAP, PAPFP, SurePath Pap
7498bfdf-3d14-4850-97fa-f3eb2b0eddcd PAPTI Cytology Pap Smear, ThinPrep with Imaging Data, Gynecological Cytlogy PAP Thin Layer Prep with computer-assisted screening,, Gynecologic Pap Test Liquid-based Preparation, Liquid Based PAP, Liquid Based PAP Cytology, PAPFP, ThinPrep Pap
a5ae78c6-d564-4f7c-b292-dacc611861ba PAPTL Cytology Pap Smear, ThinPrep without Imaging Data, Gynecological Cytology PAP Thin Layer Prep without computer assisted screening, Gynecologic Pap Test Liquid Based Preparation, Liquid based PAP, Liquid Based PAP Cytology, PAPFP, ThinPrep Pap
790a491f-fa5c-4efa-9ecb-123b373fb9b9 PAPFP Cytology Pap Test, Gynecological Cytology PAP Screening, Gynecologic Pap Test Preparation, PAPFP
71286f13-0d0f-4684-a560-0b2dacdae738 CINTEC Cytology, Immunocytochemical Assay, CINtec Plus, Gynecological Ki-67 biomarker, p16 biomarker, p16/Ki-67 dual stain assay
3b3fad73-9627-4099-88e6-c447925b2cef FLCMVQ Cytomegalovirus by Qualitative PCR (Body Fluids) CMV (Cytomegalovirus by PCR) (Serum/Body Fluids/Tissue)
bc134028-52ea-4f78-b187-db4394df15c9 CEAR Ear Culture
ce9b1c0f-3a2e-4945-8fed-550c50ce7225 CEYE Eye Culture
c22a8d84-4a33-4ba2-83a7-429b5791a36e CGFISH:Dysmorp-NOS FISH, Dysmorphology-NOS Dysmorphology-NOS by FISH
2fd42574-2379-44cc-8440-da2b13c0c07b CGFISH:Leuk-NOS FISH, Leukemia/Lymphoma NOS Leukemia/Lymphoma NOS by FISH
374b6134-6e42-496b-aa4c-72d2016effcc CGFISH:MDS FISH, MDS Panel MDS Panel by FISH, Myelodysplastic Syndrome (MDS) Panel by FISH
4dfa46c5-522f-4f52-a1bb-885f83368940 CGFISH:MLL FISH, MLL 11q23 MLL 11q23 by FISH
60923ba0-f83d-4d2b-90a9-933a1b8ca0cf CEAFL Fluid CEA
bd9b0a1e-664e-476e-8059-bb6bbca2cfba CFUN Fungus Culture
2462583f-3044-435d-98a9-159c75aaeae8 CDERM Fungus Culture, Skin, Hair, or Nails
f6145ebd-cebd-4411-b1b5-3f719ee37650 CGN Genital Culture
d54a81eb-dc7a-4517-946e-0f3986c9c97e CHRDWR Hardware Culture Implant culture, Prosthetic culture
48061956-4ab9-4e19-8fbb-7e19bdc7597b CSFIGG Immunoglobulin G, CSF Cerebrospinal Fluid, IgG, CSF IgG, IgG, IgG CSF
32856133-81d3-4127-92ec-17d1756272d5 CLEG Legionella Species, Culture L. pneumophila culture, Legionella Species Culture with Reflex to Identification
a0aaa6cb-fb6c-4f2a-8cca-e5ab0be525aa CMRSA MRSA (Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus) Surveillance Screen
ffc4ea90-e86b-4ea4-be47-fa5ef58ee0f1 CMYCU Mycoplasma hominis & Ureaplasma urealyticum Culture Genital Mycoplasma Culture, Mycoplasma hominis Culture (Genital Source) , Ureaplasma urealyticum & Mycoplasma hominis Culture
6392819d-23cc-4bdd-a9db-98ad556948dc CGC Neisseria gonorrhoeae Culture
9fa6b545-a857-43f4-94bd-02efbfa80981 CSURG Pre Surgical Staphyloccous Culture MRSA Pre Surgical Screening Culture, MSSA Pre Surgical Screening Culture, Surgical Staph Cult.
af095f4f-61a9-4e83-97a2-3dff5751c90e CMVQAL Qualitative Cytomegalovirus by PCR CMV, CMV PCR, Cytomegalovirus, Cytomegalovirus PCR, Qualitative Cytomegalovirus
567a20d2-311e-4021-9b9c-f999f5eb7808 CDIFFR Rapid C. difficile CDIFF
2f15e130-dcad-4b2f-9129-f17e7b0cb1ca CRER Rectal Swab Screen for Carbapenemase Producing Organism Carriage CRE Carrier Screen
b4dd0fb0-87fa-454e-ac16-f03e20cd4c1e COVIGG SARS-CoV-2 IgG Coronavirus 2019 Antibody IgG, COVID Spike, COVID-19 Antibodies, Spike antibody, Spike IgG
5317fe42-8628-48d3-a6ae-378b88004ff5 CSTLSP Special Stool Culture Aeromonas, Plesiomonas, Vibrio, Yersinia enterolitica
f7114704-918e-4733-8f3b-a96098bb3be3 CONSVS Specimen for Pathology Consult Services Specimen for Consult Services
ac2276a1-efd6-443b-8196-f953b0e3bf10 CSPUT Sputum Culture
4ac016bb-5e56-41a2-9d92-41996f06319f CSTRSP Streptococcus Culture, Special Throat culture
ba93d721-4412-41ce-9626-d1222ef4f2e4 CSENS Susceptibility Testing only
20aed819-f34e-45d1-8a00-2a0562b4945f CTISS Tissue Culture
e4c755c7-3a8e-428c-968e-ec02a4e5a2b8 CTISQ Tissue Culture, Quantitative
1fef9314-7bcb-48e7-b4cf-7093d3460f6d CTRACH Tracheal Aspirate Culture
74a45973-cd57-4cac-9e2c-11a0aab58694 CUR Urine Culture
4d79d782-5cd1-40fe-9677-5170b2fcedbb CYEAS Yeast Culture